What makes SmartBlock different from the rest? 

We put you first. We work with clients in several different verticals within blockchain, applying our deep knowledge of strategy, market positioning, economics, and behavioral sciences. Some of the industries we have expertise in include IoT, Payments, Exchange Ecosystems, Tokenization, Gaming, Influencer Marketing, Commerce Platforms, Entertainment, Healthcare among others. 

We started this firm to work with the best of the industry. We are very selective about who we work with and extremely careful about how we make specific recommendations - always thinking about the big picture first. Having worked in highly dynamic tech organization for Fortune 50 organizations, we are aware of the implications and opportunities that blockchain presents. 
With over 25 years of combined industry experience, we have a strong trusted network of partners, including digital & media organizations, VC firms, senior financial advisors, experienced blockchain entrepreneurs, education and research institutions, as well as access to technical communities both here in Silicon Valley and internationally. Reputation is everything in our business, and we deliver the highest level of advice. 

How can SmartBlock Strategies help you with token economics?

The fundamental questions of token economics are, “Why should we issue a token? Why would anyone want to earn and use our token?” We help your organization develop a token economic model that answers the economic and user incentive aspects of these questions. We connect your token sale, business model, community building efforts, and go-to-market approach to the token economic model so that when you’re ready to go to market, you will have a solid foundation. 

We understand token economics beyond pre-sales and public sales. We focus on post-token issuance growth. However, most token economic models do not have a strong foundation for post-issuance viability and sustainability. Whether or not your blockchain or crypto company issues a token, our end-to-end strategic framework allows us to implement strong solutions that will last over time.  

How does SmartBlock Strategies help you advance your Blockchain strategy to the next level?

We have entered the Blockchain 3.0 era, and the industry demands more focus than ever before. Competition is fiercer and solutions are rapidly advancing to define the next generation of the blockchain revolution. Our strategic capabilities can be especially beneficial to blockchain companies. In working with blockchain companies, we understand the complexity of operating in an industry that is inundated with promises but where few are actually delivered. The first step in building your blockchain company or initiative is to create a strategy, such as prioritizing use cases for your product or technology. When advising on business models, corporate governance, go-to-market readiness, design thinking methods, and investor relations programs, we take a long-term approach that integrates these pieces into a coherent whole. In the meantime, we are able to deliver and expand short-term goals that are both attainable and measurable.